DataGardens joins CenturyLink

For seven years, DataGardens has focused on building exceptional technology and disruptive products. I feel we have had some remarkable success. We built a robust software platform for Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, live inter-data center migration and self-service Inter-cloud solutions. Of course, there is a part of me that wants to continue this success as an independent company to further develop our capabilities.

But there has been another theme to the DataGardens story. For the last few years we have partnered with CenturyLink’s cloud and hosting group to use our software to offer customers pre-packaged cloud services. These services allow businesses to plug into the cloud and achieve continuity of their core IT services in a way that was never before possible. When disruption events occur, a business can spin up an exact replica of its production data center in the CenturyLink Cloud in just a few minutes. When needs dictate, a business can migrate its core IT services into the CenturyLink Cloud in a virtually seamless fashion. And, most importantly, a business can do all this without having to purchase duplicate computational infrastructure in a dedicated remote data center.

It is services such as these that will allow the cloud to change modes of productivity. Ultimately, software on its own cannot change the computing paradigm. Nor can new ways of leasing computational infrastructure on-demand. To change the way businesses provide IT services, you must offer alternative services. Services that can extend the capabilities of most business with minimal integration effort.

DataGardens acquired by CenturyLink

After four years of partnering with CenturyLink, I have come to believe that this is what its cloud platform is all about. I’m excited to announce today that we are taking a huge new step in our relationship, agreeing to be acquired by CenturyLink. We are excited to integrate our disaster recovery solutions into the CenturyLink Cloud portfolio.

CenturyLink Cloud is not designed only as a “do-it-yourself” playground for software engineers to build custom solutions. Rather, it is designed to allow businesses to focus on their core competencies while leveraging a cluster of higher-level cloud services that are plug-and-play, flexible and agile alongside a full array of network, colocation, managed and professional hybrid enabling services. By offering higher-level cloud services that are fully “business-ready,” easy to use and easy to manage, CenturyLink allows organizations to exploit the potential of the cloud on their own terms.

When I look back at what I was writing seven years ago in my first whitepapers when DataGardens was founded, it is strange to realize that I was actually writing about these very same themes. We argued then that the cloud wasn’t about applications or infrastructure, but rather it was about enabling “business processes.” In that sense, we have not come to a watershed at all. Rather, we are continuing our story in a much larger context. We are sharing our journey with a large group of like-minded experts. Experts who not only believe in the vision of exceptional service, but have already learned how to offer them at global scale.

I am excited about taking the next step to join with the CenturyLink team.